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Browsing can still be better. As daily users of the internet, we have encountered so many needs that cannot be solved by our regular browsers. Swoot Browsers will give you ideas on how you can maximize on your browsing experience without the annoying adds and compromises. We have been commended by many tech blog because not only we provide a complete source of free browsers, but we also provide other valuable information that will benefit our subscribers. There is no need to look anywhere because Swoot Browsers has prepared everything for you with clarity. We have simplified our content in order for them to be easily understood by our readers. So get ready and level up your browsing experience through Swoot Browsers.

Learn About Browsers Features


There is more to browsers than meets the eyes. Learn more about features that you can use to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. There is a long list what browsers can do. You don’t even have to pay for them. Get the best of both worlds. Here are the things that are waiting for you:

Compatible Youtube downloader

Download Youtube videos and convert them to .mp4 file so you can watch them offline.

Mouse Gestures and Support

It lets users save patterns through the movement of the mouse to give the browser a specific instruction without the help of keyboard. This is a convenient time-saver for heavy users.

Add-Free Browsing

This feature kills unwanted adds. These ads are hardly detected by an extension. So by using the right browser, you can get rid of them once and for all.

Settings and Options

It helps users modify the browser setting according to the users' needs. It involves privacy setting, passwords and forms, browsing history, and more.

Customizable Toolbar

It makes it easier for users to configure the toolbar for easy access.

And more

here are other sub-features that can be maximized for the convenience of the user. Subscribe to Swoot Browsers to learn more.

About Us

We are Swoot Browsers and we will lay the best free browsers you can easily download to support your browsing needs. They are perfect for every individual with different browsing needs. These browsers will effectively save you time and have great features you can maximize for better browsing experience.  read more

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Customized Solutions for Bloggers and Heavy Users

If you are a blogger, researcher or a heavy user of the internet who need to buy website traffic, Swoot Browsers got the best recommendations for you. You no longer need to suffer from slow browsers with little customization features. You no longer have to click useless links due to annoying adds that lead to nowhere. And what’s really amazing, you don’t have to pay monthly fees just to get these conveniences for using the right browser that supports your needs as a user. Every free browser that is available for download has their own strength. They cater to specific individuals depending on their needs and their behaviour as users. For example, you love website development, it is best that you use browsers that lets you completely access the developer tools to help you customize and improve your work. For bloggers, it is best that they download browsers equipped with photo enhancement and framing to save time.

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