About Us

We are Swoot Browsers and we will lay the best free browsers you can easily download to support your browsing needs. They are perfect for every individual with different browsing needs. These browsers will effectively save you time and have great features you can maximize for better browsing experience.

How It All Started?

Swoot Browsers is a product of our team’s hard work. It started as a project for school. Then everyone on our team got serious about improving it because of the growing number of our supporters. We owe it to them. We realized that we are no longer doing this to get good grades at school. But we are doing this because we saw the need for it. As we work on
Swoot Browsers, the deep desires in our heart unveil before our eyes. We realized that life doesn’t surround in the four-cornered classroom and learning is everywhere. We do admit that Swoot Browsers is still a work on progress. But our subscribers can surely expect more from us.

Honest Browser Reviews

The Internet is quite a tricky place. You don’t know which is a paid review and an honest one. So, Swoot Browsers only provide honest reviews. You can be sure that we have tried all these browsers for at least a week to check their functionalities and advantages. Our website visitors can rest assured that they are getting only honest reviews full of useful information. We will try our best to make our content easy-to-understand so readers can maximize the benefits they can get from these free browser.