Be A Smart Internet User

As we all know, the internet is constantly changing. If that’s the case, you need to change to. It is best that you adopt best practices in order to maximize what browsers can do for you.


Make Your Searches Top Secret

We have nothing against cookies from websites. They are used to analyze our behavior as users. However, it was proven that it affects the prices of stuff we buy online. It is a simple law of demand and supply. Another reason why you need to make it top secret is that you don’t want your friends and family getting into your computer and find out what you are browsing. Besides, it is a good habit to form, especially, we are in a time where privacy seems to be aloof.

Customize Your Search

Do you remember the operators you can use for effectively searching on the internet? If not, don’t worry. They are the plus operator, tilde operator, the “or” operator, and wild card operator. By using these operators, you can limit the number of results returned. It’s similar with filtering but made simple. This is an effective trick especially for researchers who need big chunks of information.


Arrange Your Windows and Tools

For users who have new OS, you can get the latest updates of web browsers in the market today. One of the best thing about the new web browser is the stackable windows giving users more control. The tools can also be placed to convenient corners of the screen for easy access.

Maximize Browser Features

Since internet boomed, it taught us one great lesson, “ we have to work smart”. Working hard is good ethics to keep, but if you really want to be successful, you gotta work smart. This idea is similar to maximizing browser features. You have to know your needs and from there, you can choose the features you would like to use. For example, you are a designer who needs constant photos, it is best that you get sniping feature or photo enhance feature. You can save time if you could do it directly on the browser.