Best of the Best: Browsers Review

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Chrome is the leading web browser worldwide. It is commended by thousands of users for its easy-to-use features. It works with most websites even the older ones. One of the strengths of Chrome is a wide list of free extensions. Users can maximize these extensions for passwords, timers, and so on. However, one of its weakness is the browser memory. According to many users, Chrome would eat their RAM by 60% especially if they are doing heavy research. Some even experienced being blocked by Chrome for doing further research because of intensive use.


Firefox is quite superior to Chrome in terms of privacy. It also catches up in terms of extensions. Users love the fact that they can enjoy both extensibility and ensured privacy at the same time. What it lacks though is it has no embedded translator function. So users will need to change the language setting every time they have to view a website with a different language used. Apart from that, it has all the basic functions that users would want such as incognito mode, ad blocker, and sync feature.


It is the famous browser introduced to us by Apple. Due to Apple using WebKit as their web engine, Safari is considered the fastest browser. It has a clean user interface, just providing users with the important icons without overwhelming them with functions and features. In terms of features, safari still managed to be in the game. It is quite obvious that Google Chrome is ahead of the game, but safari continues to develop their browser in a way that it would benefit the customers. If you happened to build a website, always check how your website looks like in mobile version, as safari has a pre-embedded layout for mobile view.



Opera is not being regarded as it should. It is a fast browser you can count on. The browser is made simple and has dockable window function for easy switching. In fact, most of the browser we have today gotten some pieces of ideas from Opera. However, their toolbox is quite saturated with unnecessary features which could be overwhelming for beginners.