Tips and Tricks for Blazing Fast


Over time, your computer will slow down. It will be harder to switch windows or tabs which is annoying for all users. We have gathered the proven tips and tricks on what you can do to prevent your browser from clogging. Some of the tips here should be done with your full discretion as all browsers are slightly different in terms of functionalities and features.

Deactivate Unused Extensions

Just like in your mobile phone, if you have too many opened apps, your phone will slow down. It is the same with your browser. Having too many extensions, plug-ins, and so on will crash your browser in no time. It would also eat a lot of your RAM causing the whole computer to be slow. To do deactivate unused extensions, go to your browser’s settings. And look for an extension. It will take you to a different window where you can see a list of active extensions. From there, deactivate or permanently remove them from your extensions list.

Restore and Refresh

If you have deactivated all of your extensions yet your browser is still slow, consider restoring the browser setting. It will revert back to the original setting. But before you do this, make sure that you are well prepared for the deletion of your bookmarks, passwords, and more. After restoring your browser setting to default, refresh your browser and test the speed. If this step didn’t do the trick, you may have to uninstall the browser and install it back again.


Clear Cache

Your browser is capable of storing cookies and browsing history. These features help you manage your searches faster. But as you go along, your browser might slow down due to saturated browsing history and cookies. It is recommended to do a clear cache once a week to prevent the browser from clogging up. We also recommend getting a browser cleaner that you can easily open when your browser starts to slow down.